Keeping your blog alive


March 30, 2011 by Andy Whisenant

I’m a huge fan of blogging. It lets people be a part of a conversation about…well…just about anything. Many people (including myself) like the idea of engaging in that conversation and connecting with a social/digital community. Blogging has changed the way individuals communicate and the way companies do business.

Here’s a confession though: I’m a highly insecure blogger. Is this post long enough? It is short enough? Is this a good day for blog traffic? Is it funny enough? Is it serious enough? Did I think through the statements I was trying to communicate? (And for English nerds like myself, is the post spelled correctly with proper grammar and punctuation?)

But I would argue that the biggest issue many bloggers face is churning out relevant original content on a regular basis. Finding something new to say and finding it consistently is difficult. Really difficult.

Take heart, fellow writer. Blogger extraordinaire Jon Acuff, who writes over at Stuff Christians Like and, has some advice on that very topic:

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One thought on “Keeping your blog alive

  1. kylajoyful says:

    This is funny to me. I started doing this a few weeks ago, but I didn’t see this video or have a conversation about it. I decided to apply the process for training for a race to blogging. You can’t run a 1/2 marathon if you’ve never trained. Some people might be able to, but the majority of the population wouldn’t be able to do this. We have to train slowly. Working up from one mile to two, to five, etc. So although I have several blog drafts written, I’m going to wait to post them. I’m just writing one post each week and trying to build up my endurance. :) Good luck with your blog, Andy! I’ve enjoyed reading it and will continue to do so.

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